Decision making part II

By on October 12, 2012

You are solely responsible for the successes that you gain in your life. The greatest enemies of your happiness and success are your fears and negative feelings that is why your decision making process as an Alpha Male should be clear of all your negativity.

Goal setting is the very first step in decision making for becoming a better version of you.

First you have to state your goal in a very clear, unambiguous and specific way so there can be no mistake regarding your intentions. What is your most important thing in your life? With that decision made, you can formulate a goal that supports that dominant value. If for example your house is that thing you then divert all of your primary attention to your house, investing a lot of time, energy and money in it. It would make no sense to set that goal and then go and spend all your money on a new car, a boat, or expensive accessories. A lot of people make that particular mistake, they think that they know their dominant value, but it really isn’t, meanwhile Alpha Males know most of their dominant values.

It is possible for us to fool others and even ourselves, but sooner or later, our true values can be understood if we observe our actions. Those actions will almost always be in the direction of our true values ans beliefs. Often you will observe disagreements between your words and your actions, believe the actions and discount the words.
Decision making

The Decision-Making process
In this approach, that is applicable for a majority of real-life situations, you will get closer to those Alpha Male models, both in personal and business part.

  • First step: STATE the problem in the most precise language possible
  • Second step: Outline your most usual response you would have to that problem
  • Third step: List all the alternatives with their consequences
  • Fourth step: Vitalize the concept by picking an alternative, creating a plan of action, implementing the plan.
  • Fifth step: Evaluate the success of the choice you made, and if the choice you made is not satisfying go back to the fourth step and choose another alternative.

Before trying to implement this steps you must determine the problem, not merely stating what you believe it to be. There will be a period of trial and error, that’s normal, because on your way to becoming an Alpha Male mistakes are usual, but don’t look at them like they’re failures.
So, on your way to becoming a successful Alpha Male, learn how to set your goals better, know your most dominant values, for making better decisions in the future. View the first part of decision making.

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