Do Bad Guys Get The Girl?

By on January 10, 2011

You can see it in the movies, you can see it in school, you can see it in college. The best looking girls always fall for the bad guys. Is it because they are better looking? Is it nature at work? Is it us? What’s going on? We see that we have to be heroes and tough guys, and then we’re told that we need to be in touch with our sensitive sides, and be the modern man holding the baby. So which is it? Well the answer is that the bad guys DO get the girl! Alpha Males get the girl. Read on to know what it takes to become an Alpha Male..

Why is it that the rude, bad guys treating their girlfriends badly and show little respect get all the girls? Well, it’s because they’re interesting. An Alpha Male does interesting stuff, answers to nobody, is confident, self assured, and  doesn’t need others to prop him up. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks, he is free. He is attractive!  He is an Apha Male.

Bad guys or Alpha Males are a challenge. And just like us, women love challanges. The girls who go after an Alpha Male want to keep’em to themselves and will do a great deal to keep hold. The more you want them, the greater chance they walk away. The greater the danger of losing a “bad guy”, the greater the effort to keep him. This works both ways. You want that girl, you want her so bad, but she doesn’t show any interest and you just can’t seem to get her. You show little interest to some other girl, and with that one everything works out great. What’s the deal? The key is control. Don’t give your thoughts away so easily! Don’t be so needy, don’t push so hard!

You don’t need to be Mr. Bad Guy to attract women, but you do need to change some things. You need power, strength of character, confidence, a maverick nature and an intresting personality. That equals sexy, attractive. It’s what makes an Alpha Male or Alpha Man. Is it any wonder that such types of guys often get women? No, of course not! It’s not fair, we know. But it’s natures way. If you can increase your confidence levels, get your career on the rights tracks, be your own man and stop being so damn dull and predictable, you can pull it off. Be more deliberate in your actions, be a little less available and a little more enigmatic. This will boost your interest factor and make you more attractive. It will help you pick up women.

Changing a few small things can make the difference. We wish you the best of luck in getting your dream girl(s).

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