Mistakes that scare women off fast

By on May 4, 2011

There are certain small mistakes that guys make, that turn women off and scare them off really fast.

The typical attractive woman has a lot of experience when meeting men, so from her past, she can classify her negative experiences in categories: the jealous controlling type, the desperate/needy type, the boring type, the aggressive type.. These are just a few of them.

When women gain this experience, they develop some sort of unconscious intuition about guys, and as soon as she sees the signs that would indicate you’re jealous, needy or you’re from any other negative category, she’ll move on.

In this article we’ll address the needy/desperate type, and the jealous type. So here are a couple of tips that can help you avoid these kind of situations.

Example: You met a girl, and you got her number. Next day, you call, she doesn’t answer, so you leave a message. She doesn’t call you back. Next day, you call again, leave another message saying something like “Tried to reach you yesterday but I haven’t heard from you, this is my number so call me back bla bla bla”. No call back, so later you decide to call her again. No answer.

Let’s say for whatever reason she couldn’t call you back, or couldn’t check her messages. When she finally does, and she sees all your attempts to reach her, what do you think her reaction will be? “Oh, this guy called me three times? Left two messages? Wow, I don’t want a such a needy guy”.

So to avoid this type of situation, only call twice. If she doesn’t get back the first time, try again a week later, but DON’T leave her a message saying “How come you didn’t call me back, I tried to reach you” or stuff like that. Just give her the benefit of the doubt. Many things could have gone wrong, so just leave her a simple message saying hello, what’s up, whatever your style is. If the doesn’t try to contact you after that, forget about her. If she was interested, she would have done something to get a hold of you.

Also, by waiting a week before your second call, you proved to her you’re not the needy/desperate type.

Do you think he calls every day?

Another big mistake, is asking too many questions, being too curious. For example: You call her up and you start to ask questions like: Did you go out last night? Who did you go with? Did you meet any guys? Did you give him your number? Did you like him? Did you guys make out? Did you guys set up a date?

You don’t even know her that well yet, and you don’t have the right to ask her those types of questions. You’re not her boyfriend yet! If you do ask her these type of questions and display such curiosity, she’ll immediately flag you as the gealous controling type.

By not caring and not asking those type of questions, you display confidence, you show her that you have a life and even if she went out with her girlfriends, you don’t care about the other guys who tried to hit on her. And when she’ll be your girlfriend she won’t have to worry about you freaking out every time some guy tries to pick her up, because she only cares about you. Because you’re confident. Because you’re her Alpha Man.


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  1. pink

    December 16, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    If she doest call back then she was probably not so interested in you.

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