The social power of Status

By on December 6, 2012

The thing about power is that nobody has power unless you give it to them; I’m referring to the real power, the social power of Status.

“They cannot take away our self-respect, if we do not give it to them.” Mahatma Gandhi

So, what is status? Status comes from how you see yourself and how you act on that perception. People don’t see it, they can only sense it.

A. People take you at your own evaluation of yourself, so in plain you are the man that you show you are.
B. If you want to be with attractive women, truly believe that you deserve to be with them and act accordingly.
C. It is not attractive to feel and behave inferior around attractive women.

Status in life; Most men don’t assume high-status because they fear either the power which comes from high-status, or they fear other peoples reactions. If you assume a low-status, you’ll waste time and energy because nobody with high-status will come and give you their useful social power. You need to have enough confidence to rise to the occasion and get what you truly deserve.

power of status

The true power of status stands in your beliefs and mindsets, if you truly believe and assume a high-status in every social circumstance everyone will perceive you exactly like you perceive yourself and act upon it. You are the one who is confident and who believes in himself.

Apart from challenges from high-status persons, people will usually just accept that you are higher-status than them and go along with it. Your life will change for the better and then for the best you’ve ever had.

The social power of status stands in always conveying high status, so that you will be the one choosing how you respond and react to situations.

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