Why you are not an alpha male

By on November 14, 2012

An Alpha Male has certain traits and characteristics. He is a natural leader. He leads, provides for and protects his woman, buddies, coworkers (his pack).

An Alpha male is very comfortable with himself. He is always composed. With women he is always a challenge. He chooses the women, he is not chosen by  them!beta male

The alpha males are cool, confident, when they walk into a room everybody notices them. He is not concerned about his image.  An Alpha Male never copies anyone.

You’re not an Alpha Male if you:

1. Lack self-esteem and dominant traits; If you don’t believe in yourself, why should somebody else?

2. Gossip with your buddies; when you hang around with your buddies and talk trash about other people. That will make them feel insecure around you, because they will fear being the next topic of conversation.  Everybody around you sees what you let them see, so if you’re confident and comfortable with the people around you, you’ll inspire them to be the same.

3. Panic and blame others; in a crisis situation you don’t know what to do and the fear of failure makes you panic. When you fail, you don’t see that you’re the only one to blame and you blame other people.

4. Don’t provide for your pack (family, girlfriend, friends); you let the woman pay for you at the restaurant, theater, and so on. If you are the Alpha Male you are be the provider for the people around you.

5. Lie and betray others so that you can achieve your goals; The true Alpha Male takes action and responsibility for his actions, always!  He doesn’t need to cheat his way up the food chain, because he knows he is on top of the food chain.alpha male

Alpha Males are outgoing, friendly, intelligent, (socially) powerful, confident, and fun social-group leaders. They have their sh*t together. So practice confidence, control (on yourself), and be a Challenge (for everybody) and soon enough you will become an Alpha Male.

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  1. C.H.

    November 26, 2012 at 1:03 am

    I see a still of Fr. Canadian model Gabriel Aubrey, posing and yes, he’s definitely charismatic, I see it in his eyes, his general demeanor. I see that and most of the descriptives of the Alpha Male in my psychiatrist & he pretty much fits every dscription of an AM. He definitel has presence when he walks into his office. I once told him I wasn’t used to be in the presence of a man of his calibre.

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