5 things that turn off women

By on November 23, 2012

The single man’s dream is to get the perfect chick for him. For that he will try to meet that woman anywhere he can; clubs, coffee shops, book stores and different social events. The perfect setting for every single man would be that the chick will do the chasing. A man in control, who is confident and presents himself as a challenge; an Alpha Male, can accomplish this by making the right moves at the right time. To be more successful you need to know the things that turn off women first!

1. Getting drunk at the social gatherings is a big not OK; sure you can chug a beer or two down your throat, but a few more and you’ll be the one who’s sleeping on the couch with a funny face drawn on.

2. Being negative or bringing up negative comments, can show that you are picky, mean, or just stupid. A good joke or innocent teasing will come off as flirtatious. When you first meet a woman, always keep the conversation positive, light, uplifting, and off heavy subjects, steer clear of playful insults, and just be charming.turn off a woman

The key is to stay away from negatives, put-downs, hang-ups and from controversial and personal subjects – race, religion, politics, and especially sex!

3. Excessive swearing; To make a good first impression swearing should not be in your vocabulary, sure you can let a nasty joke fly her way, but “sh*t, f*ck, b*tch” are a good way to turn her off really fast. The gentleman is strong because he knows that balance  is a manly strength quality.

4. Failing to dance will put a black ball for you in the chase for a woman. You’re not supposed to be a professional dancer, but you don’t want to look like you are suffering a seizure when you hit the dance floor!

5. Cheesy pickup lines are mostly bad, they’ll show your lack of imagination. The only purpose of a pickup line should be to start a conversation with a girl. Instead of your usual pick-up line, try to approach a woman with something real, that will show the chick your interest in her.

 So, no matter how charming, attractive or funny you are, women can be turned off really fast, these are only a few things that turn off women among others like bad breath, excessive cologne, douche-bag friends and so on. When approaching a woman, remember to avoid these and you’ll land that perfect chick for you!
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