5 tips to score the second date

By on October 18, 2012

First date went well? How does a woman decide to go out with you on a second date?

According to scientists, women know whether or not a man has long-term potential within a few minutes of meeting him. After I first heard that, I felt a lot of pressure on first dates. While I can’t make you dress or smell better I can tell you how to behave on a first date so that you can score a second date. After all, if you think she’s awesome, you need to make sure you can show her you’re awesome enough to go out with again.

So, if you want a second date after date number 1 here are some useful tips for your first date.

1. Be nice with other people

Do not act like a complete jerk with the bartender or waitress. You will not impress your date with complete rudeness, sure being cocky helps sometimes, but do not over do it. Do not tip a lousy dollar, after trying to impress her with a fancy restaurant, your whole idea was to impress her, so do it then.

2. Talk about her

Tips for second date

You asked her out, remember? So ask her questions. Don’t know about what? Nothing too personal, but any topic about her is perfect. Women love talking, studies have shown women tend to communicate verbally more often than men, especially about them. Women often naturally take on the role of an interviewer on dates, so you don’t need to worry about it becoming a one-sided conversation; she’ll still ask you about how you conquered the jungle when you were a kid.

3. Picking up the tab

I know it’s old fashioned, and the economy is bad, and so on, but you are a provider, so provide a nice date! Provide a sincere offer to pick up the tab; when the bill comes, slide it toward you. If she offers to split the tab, politely, but firmly decline. If she insists to split, don’t begin a wrestling match to fight over who’s paying.

4.  Going for the kiss

OK, i know this is the hardest part for most of you guys, but going for the kiss is necessary to assure that you get a second date. If you don’t try this on a first date you’ll have a great chance of landing in the Friend Zone. You know  you don’t want to get there, so pick up your manhood and give her a kiss that she’ll tell all her girl-friends like the Casanova you are!

5. Calling for the second date

There are a lot of  “TWO-DAY Rules”, so when do you call her? Simple, whenever you feel confident about doing it! Do not call her right away, because you’ll come off as too eager; the needy boy in you, shut him up, but do not wait days or weeks to call her back, because after a while, she will think that she’ll never hear from you again and move on.


So with all these in mind go out and find your first date because you have all the right weapons to get another one now!

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