First date guidelines: dos and don’ts

By on August 17, 2011

A first date can bring nervousness and even a panic attack for some guys, even if you are an Alpha Male. Some guys don’t have any idea  what to do and they tend to ruin their first date either by doing things they shouldn’t do or by not doing the things they should. Here are some guidelines, some stuff guys need to know about the first date:


  • Be confident.
  • Be on-time when you pick her up. Don’t let her wait. If you happen to wait for her at her house, you can use this opportunity for getting to know her family better.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and put on some perfume. Yet, remember not to be over do it.
  • Choose a place that is familiar and comfortable for the both of you. If you don’t have any ideas of where to go, take a safe place, like a restaurant or a juice bar.
  • Give sincere compliments on her appearance. Say, “I like your dress” or “It’s a lovely hair-do.”
  • Respond to what she says. Laugh when she tells a joke and give some suggestions when she shares her problems with you. In short, show some interest in her.
  • Be yourself. Show her what kind of a guy you are. Don’t try to be someone you are not just to impress her.



  • Don’t ask about her past relationships. Some women don’t want to recall their past, especially when they left her with bad memories. Don’t talk about your past relationships either. If you want to start with someone new, forget about those in the past.
  • Don’t ask about her life in too much detail as if you are interrogating her (don’t get too personal). She will feel uncomfortable.
  • Don’t judge her when she tells you her problems. Avoid saying, “It’s your fault” or “You shouldn’t have done that.” Not only will it make her feel like she’s being in a therapy session, it will make her feel guilty as well and perhaps, she may very well lose her interest in you.
  • Don’t look at your mobile phone too often to check the hour or messages. If necessary, turn it off to avoid disturbance. Focus on the girl only.
  • Don’t talk about sex. Talking about sex will make her think that you are too aggressive and in a hurry. The first date should be the time to get to know each other, not the time to get her to bed.

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