Friend zone – Man’s worst enemy

By on October 24, 2012

Friend zone, the nastiest place a man can be with a woman. We all were at one point friend-zoned by a chick that we secretly liked. Getting out of the friend zone seems almost impossible to every man, but what if I told you that you can get out, escape from the dreadful, full of pain, Friend Zone.

So, to prevent the pain, here’s a solution to your problems, a few tips that you must follow:

1. Realize that you’re in the friend zone. Accept it!

Being stuck in the friend zone sucks big time. It happens to the best of us guys, so don’t beat yourself about it. Accept that you’re in the friends zone right now and after that you can do something about it, because a lot of men are in the denial phase.

friend zone

Getting out of it is easy once you figured out why are you there in the first place. After accepting that you’re in the friend zone, realizing that you have a problem that needs to be fixed is the next step.

2. Being available

If you will be always available for the girl you chase, you will eventually end up in the friend zone. So, make yourself less available so she can miss you. Let me put like this, scarce items are more valued!

  • Don’t call her every day
  • Don’t talk to her every day
  • Let her miss the fun times with you
  • Learn to say NO

Are you chasing the woman that seems to be the “girl of your dreams”? Do you say to yourself “It’s better than nothing”? Settling for a best-friend place with a woman that you secretly adore, will break you, your confidence and will make you insecure and maybe even mentally ill.

3. Grow some balls

Always saying yes to her, makes look like a wuss. Grow a pair, become an alpha male, nice women are used to men that always say yes to them, so be different and say NO once in a while. Either you become an alpha male and stop being available now so you can “get the girl” later, or you end up as a wuss who is best friends with lots of gorgeous women because he can’t get them himself; while he secretly wants to. I’ve been there. It’s awful!

Now-a-days men aren’t used to express what they really want. They only think about it, but they don’t take action. If you like a woman, TELL her that, express what you feel; the sooner, the better! Doing this will prevent you from ending up in the friend zone and all the pain that comes from that.friend zone

4. Competitiveness

Women are a lot more competitive than men will ever be. If you want to start getting out of the friend zone, provide her with competition! You will look exponentially more attractive to the woman you like, if there are a lot of other women chasing you; it will show that you have good genes, that you’re in demand.

Have you ever seen a group of chicks going full frenzy in a store? They will fight for the produce they want with anybody! Crazy, right?

5. Attraction

Being attractive is not like being a friend. Friends tend to help each-other even if it’s not in their best interest, because that’s what friends do! When you want to create attraction you don’t tell a woman how good she looks, you bust her balls, your teasing her. Women expect a man to say YES to them, so saying NO will turn you into a challenge, and they love a good challenge. Bad boys are the most attractive, because they are dominant and don’t care about anybody but themselves, so if you want to create attraction be more dominant. Women want to be led!

So, if you find yourself close to be friend-zoned or you are there already, there is still hope for you. Go out there and make your ancestors proud!

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