How to approach any girl

By on October 27, 2012

How to approach a girl you like and not become paralyzed with fear. Are you completely terrified at the thought of approaching a girl that you like?

Are you clueless about how to approach a girl you like? Do you feel like you simply can’t take anymore rejection? When you eventually overcome your fear of approaching you have nothing to say?

If you want to know how to approach any girl that you like, you must first know what you want!

Be picky, have a set of standards, set your preferences, the more accurate you’ll be, the greater the chance that you will find a suitable girl with which you’ll have less trouble finding what to talk about.

Face your fear of approaching girls, or you’ll never get to know how to approach a girl you like. If you want to approach a girl you like and get her number, then you must first create attraction by displaying character attributes that women find attractive. Women are attracted by a man’s personality and charisma, not by money, fame or power.


Be indifferent! Being indifferent means that there’s no life or death situation here. You’re giving too much importance to the first thing you say to a chick. What you say is not so important, but how you react to what she says, that’s what it’s all about!

Be confident! Before you approach any girl, always remember that even if she’s gorgeous, she’s not in any way superior to you. Focus your thoughts on how interesting you are.

Always tease her, be playful. Life is already stressful enough like it is. When teasing her you should, however, be careful so that it does not come off as if you are being rude.

Another thing, you should observe women around you. By observing you could notice that for example a hot chick was just stood up by a macho assh*le, and left her for you just sitting there. Go, make a short comment, but to the point, and if you put a smile on her face, you’re halfway there!

Go out, and approach as many girls as you possibly can. At first, approach girls you aren’t attracted to, it will make your learning process easier, faster and in no time you’ll be approaching all the hotties in town!

After approaching you’ll need to know all about what to do on a first date!


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