How to approach really attractive women

By on November 28, 2012

The reality is that really attractive women are often treated differently than most people. Being an attractive woman in a big city means that you receive a look, comment or approach at least 30 times a day, and this multiplies if you go in a club. Acting cold or disinterested around men has become an effective time-management tool for the really attractive women, because only men who have the balls to stick around after that and have fun will be given a chance. The really attractive women hears the same lines over and over again on a daily basis.

So, what should you do instead? Read on to find out how to approach really attractive women?

First you have to treat her like a normal person and have fun with her! How to approach really attractive women

1. Most men desire them; Realize and accept that you aren’t the first guy to be interested in her, nor will you be the last guy who shows interest in her. Accept that and realize that it doesn’t matter how many guys are interested in her.

2. Most men make it too obvious that they like them; An attractive woman is approached regularly by many men who want to get involved with them and that eliminates the Challenge.

3. Most nice guys are actually being manipulative; They will give her special treatment, laugh at all her jokes and do all sorts of crazy things to impress her. It doesn’t work, because it’s manipulative.  Being overly nice and trying to impress a woman will usually make her feel repulsed and lose any attraction for you.

4. Don’t forget about your life;  If you often find yourself canceling plans of your own in order to spend more time with her, or spending less time with your friends because she wants you elsewhere, then you have given up your own dignity and self-respect in order to please her. You’re a busy man and your time is valuable, this is part of what makes you so attractive, so don’t throw it out the window and convert into your inner wussy.

5. Dating really attractive women; When you start dating and go into a more emotional state, don’t lose the challenge and look like you’re going to propose the next day. By remaining genuinely vague about your plans for the future, you will create a sense of  unpredictability which can amplify the attraction between the two of you.

Women have become stronger and now need men to be even stronger in order to maintain the male-female balance.

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