Mistakes in bed

By on January 8, 2011

If you got her as far as your bedroom, had sex with her, and now she won’t return your calls, you probably did something wrong. Read these pieces of advice to avoid that happening again.Kiss first! Foreplay starts with passionate kissing. Don’t skip this part – she will feel neglected by your apparent haste.

  • Don’t take your pants off first. You won’t look very attractive wearing just socks, underwear and a shirt.
  • Don’t blow in her ear. There’s a big difference between erotic whispering in someone’s ear (that’s attractive) and huffing and puffing as if you were an asthmatic.
  • Don’t ignore the rest of her body. A woman is made up of more than two breasts and a vagina. Pay attention to the rest of her body! A man who can’t make her feel good is definitely not attractive and she won’t have sex with you again.
  • Shave! When you drag your chin across her face or her body, she might not be moaning from pleasure, but from pain! Even though your beard might look attractive, it’s not a very good idea to have a rugged face while having sex with your woman. Unless she’s into pain and that sort of stuff :)
  • Don’t give her love bites. Do you really think she wants to wear scarves and polo necks in the middle of the summer? If she feels embarrassed after having sex with you, she won’t want to do it again.
  • Don’t stop for breaks. Women can’t pick up where they left off. They are different from men and if you stop she’ll go back to square one. Also, don’t go too fast. Sex isn’t an Olympic event. Build up slowly and you’ll both have more fun. Doing it like rabbits isn’t attractive and she won’t want more.
  • Don’t nudge her head down forcing her to perform oral sex. All women hate this. It’s a sign of desperation. If it’s meant to happen, it will happen without you forcing it. By forcing her, you’ll actually have less chances of getting what you want.
  • Don’t take pictures! The first thing that pops to her mind is “Who do you want to show them to?” We know you wanna show your friends that you’re a star and show off your stuff, but trust us: you won’t be more of a man by doing so.
  • Don’t ask her if she has come. Really. You should be able to tell. If you can’t, just assume that she hasn’t. Asking is not attractive!
  • Don’t thank a woman for having sex with you. Definitely not attractive. It makes you sound like a charity case and she won’t be back for more.
  • Dispose of used condoms. You wore it, you get rid of it. She doesn’t want to feel like the cleaning lady.

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