The nice guy

By on November 8, 2012

Do women like nice guys? Women don’t have anything against nice guys, but they don’t consider the nice guy as proper boyfriend material. Bad boys and nice guys have the same success rate when approaching women, it’s low, but bad boys approach lots of women, meanwhile the nice guys move very slowly and approach only one woman.

Women don’t like pushovers! Being a good guy is not the same as being the nice guy, in general nice guys do lots of favors for women to whom they’re attracted, but they keep their attraction to the woman a secret. After a while they start to blame everybody because they’re not getting the same kind of appreciation from the women.

nice guy

Nice guys are predictable. When you’re always nice to a chick, you’re not a challenge. If you always agree with her demands, you’ll never stand up for yourself.

They don’t seem like good protectors. Avoiding conflict with any cost, nice guys will often look like wussies. Running scared to your “mama” is not going to get you any points.

Being a challenge for women is a must if you want to be more than a friend, and nice guys don’t present themselves like that. They always put somebody else on the first place so they put aside their needs and put the object of their desire on a pedestal. The time of the gods has past. Women are only human, so don’t put their needs above yours!

Nice guys also tend to be too agreeable, and that shows their lack of control. They rarely speak up and rarely state in a clear manner what it is they want, need and expect.

“Girls don’t like nice guys”. We all heard that from someone, but the truth is that nice guys can be hypocrites. That’s because of their “secret crush agenda”, and they are only nice because they want to get the girl. But when the inevitable fallout comes, the dreadful “friend zone”, they blame the girls.

Bottom line, being a nice guy is rarely because you’re really a good guy. Women don’t reject a man because he’s too good!

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