Things women hate in bed

By on April 16, 2011

While in bed, did you ever ask questions such as “Can I….?” or “Do you mind if I…?” ? Were they a turn off? Of course they were. Asking such questions in bed is definitely not sexy and kill the mood! They are not attractive! A good lover knows how to prepare his partner for the next move without saying a word. Sometimes, even a certain type of look is enough, or a provocative touch, to give her the right signal. An alpha man knows how to communicate in bed.

Boring, mechanical sex. Monotony

No woman wants to be treated as an “inflatable woman”. Every woman wants to feel like a real woman, and sometimes it’s a good idea to “make love” to her instead of just have sex with her. If your partner knows every crack in your ceiling, you’re in trouble my friend! But that’s okay! All you need to do is change the scenery. Try doing it in another room, the kitchen, the bathroom, your car, on the beach, in the forest or whatever other place you can think of! Let your imagination fly! If you want to be more attractive, be willing to experiment, because with time, sex does get boring if you don’t do anything about it. Try different positions, role-playing, give freedom to your fantasies! Discuss them with your partner over a glass of wine and you’ll be surprised how quick they can turn into reality. An alpha man knows how to diversify, how to make things interesting.


Being quiet is not an option. If you want to be more attractive, don’t be too loud, and also don’t be too quiet. Try to find a middle solution, a way to express your feelings to her, to let her know how hot she looks and how good she is in bed. If she is, that is. And avoid the three magic words you may be tempted to spit out while having sex.

Remember that the opposite of boring is exciting and unexpected. That is how you attract women! So surprise your partner once in a while! It won’t get you into trouble, she’ll love it! Here are some more mistakes you shouldn’t make in bed.

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