What an Alpha Male would do on a first date

By on July 22, 2011

So let’s say, you get the girl and you’ve successfully invited her on a date. What will you do next? Are you planning on asking her out to have a candle-light dinner in a romantic restaurant, surrounding her with violin players? Or are you planning to take her to a movie—a scary one—so that you can hold her when she’s scared? Will you give her an extravagant present like, say, expensive perfume that she may or may not like to use?

There’s nothing wrong with those strategies. Yet, on a first day, I am sure that you want to be the man, and not just one of those ordinary men she might have dated in the past. It is understandable that you want the first date to be worth remembering. Yet, you don’t need to do things that may make you feel embarrassed to achieve this.

If you want to get a girlfriend that will be with you for long period of time, as an Alpha Male, you may want to follow these tips:

“Read” the Girl before Deciding Where to Take Her Out

Where should you take her on a first date? It depends on the girl. Try to get some information on her interests and personality. Don’t take her outdoors if she’s not a fan of outdoor activities, nor take her to watch action movies if she hates them. For example, you could take her to a museum if she loves history. Yet, if you still don’t have any ideas, take her to a “safe” place, like a restaurant (without those candle lights and violin players) or a juice bar. Find out about her eating habits and order something she’d like.

Keep Things Casual

Wear clothes that you are confident and comfortable with. Don’t wear tight jeans if they make your belly uncomfortable. Besides, you don’t want to show her your belly bumps, do you? Don’t wear too much perfume. You don’t want to make her dizzy with the smell. Wash your shoes if you haven’t washed them for months.

Be Confident

As an Alpha male, being confident is the most essential behavior to show to your girl. Suck your abs in and walk with pride when you’re with the girl. Relax and choose your words carefully, but be careful not to hesitate a lot. Women like men who are decisive and know what they want from life. You’re the man and you make the decisions. But make smart decisions and take in consideration her needs and wants as well.

Be Yourself

It’s very important to be yourself. If in everyday’s life you are comfortable with casual clothes, then don’t change them with a black leather jacket and tight jeans just because she loves heavy metal songs. Don’t tell lies! If you hate coffee, say it. If you’re not a vegetarian, say it. Don’t impress the girl with your lies. Sooner or later she’ll find out the truth.

Lead the Conversation

What to talk on your first date? Start with easy topics, like hobbies, interests, or movies. Don’t bug the girl with topics about you, and you, and you again! Turn off your mobile phone. The first date is the perfect time to get to know her better. Listen to her stories and respond to them instead of looking at your mobile phone every 5 minutes. In other words, show some interests toward her. Don’t ask about her past boyfriends or talk about your past girlfriends. If you don’t want to hear anything about her past relationships, she surely doesn’t want that either.

Don’t Expect too Much Physical Contact

Holding hands or walking arm in arm is too premature for a first date. It’s always best to play safe and avoid extreme physical contact. If you want to give her a kiss at the end of the date, that’s fine, but only if the date went really well. If the date didn’t go as well as you wish it would, a simple hug or a wave goodbye is fine.

Have Fun

You have waited for your first date with her, and you’ve prepared as best you could for it. So just relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t over think of what you should do next or how the date may turn out in the end. Just make sure that you have a good time.
With these tips, you shouldn’t be worried about your first date. Even if, say, you mess the table, spill a drink on your pants, or even have a small piece of spinach stuck in your teeth, you still have a chance at a second date.

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  1. brandon

    June 26, 2015 at 12:08 am

    This advice is awful. If this is a legitimate site, you wont delete this post.

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