Happy holidays

By on December 29, 2012

Happy holidays from Alpha Men! I am sure that you had a nice Christmas and now you’re wondering what to do on New Year’s Eve.

The New Year’s a great occasion for you to go out there, have a great time and meet new people with whom you can spend your winter nights. So, first impression must be a great one; dress, smell and look your best.

Holiday season also can be stressful with all the parties, family gatherings and social situations that you’re sure to encounter. Look good! Feel Good! Socialize! Laugh! Be funny! Is the best advice to get through with a smile and maybe a warm body beside you.



1. Groom yourself accordingly. Trim your body hair especially your winter beard, remember that you’re not Santa Claus nor his look-alike. Make sure to wash your beard like you would your hair, and to trim it weekly. Wear a nice scent appropriate to the social situation you’re in. A bold, elegant but classic scent is a good choice in any casual situation.

2. Practice your toast, that will help you make a stunning first impression on your friends and family. And though public speaking of any kind can seem intimidating, as long as you speak with sincerity, you should be fine. Always be sure to toast to something specific for the company you’re with and don’t be afraid to reuse classic toasts that are appropriate for your present company.

3. Dress versatile but also fashionable. Few things tie an outfit together like the perfect pair of boots, especially during the holidays when footwear is so important. The right pair should work for any occasion. A nice simple sweater and a classic coat are a must in your winter wardrobe. Scarves are a nice accessory and a must wear in the cold winter nights. They are much more than a surefire way to protect your neck, they’re also a great way to tie an outfit together by lending a splash of color to the winter’s grey tones.

4. Buy or DIY some beautiful holiday cards for the special people in your life. You will bring a few smiles and make them feel special.  DIY is a great way to really show them they are special and you can go crazy with them.

5. New Year’s Eve. Choosing the right social situation for that special night of the year is a real headache. Whatever you choose don’t be shy, let your body language show that you’re approachable, seize every opportunity you get. No one wants to be alone by midnight so you can approach virtually anybody you want.

Last, but not least GO OUT AND ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS! I wish you a Happy New Year and all your New Year’s resolutions to come true.


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