Picking up girls in clubs – beginner tips

By on November 3, 2012

OK, for starters picking up girls in clubs is more difficult than in many other places like, coffee shops or at your local grocery store. Because of things like noise and if you’re in a club, a girl will be more likely to think your trying to hit on her, so don’t look like a stalker! You’re out there having fun with a friend, you’re not out to hunt little rabbits a.k.a. the chicks.

You go out to a club, alone (this is difficult – not for beginners) or with a wing; man or woman, the woman is the best wing possible! When entering the club, your posture, quiet confidence and a smile is very important, so keep your head up and go in like you own the place. Don’t look, you stalker! Go and take a seat, at the bar, order your drink for you and your friend; now you can start looking for your prey, uhm i mean for chicks that are available.

When GOING IN or approaching a woman you must always speak as loud as possible, but no shouting, you don’t want to scare everyone around you. Your openers and routines will do you good,yes even the cheesy pick-up lines from your favorite movie, but they must be directed to the chick you are talking right now, so make a genuine remark about her. Talk a little and then ask for her number and go from there! Men tend to talk too little or too much. Stay with her for a few minutes, take her number and leave that scene.Picking up girls in clubs

Choose a good spot for you to stand. In general the dance floor is a no go zone, unless you’re a professional dancer you should avoid the dance-floor. You don’t want to make a complete fool of yourself for everybody to see. You are an alpha male, not the court jester!

Approaching a group. Women don’t really go out all alone in a club, they have at least one girl-friend with them, but mostly they go in groups. When you spot your next target (CHICK), you will not approach only her, you’re going to introduce yourself and your friend to her group, you’ll not talk to them very much, but first impressions really do count. Make a joke, humor is the key to get liked quickly and easily by the hole group. After this you’ll have earned the right to take her alone with you in a more quiet place and move on from there.

Clubs are difficult because there are many distractions, but don’t worry, women are there in general to be picked up.



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