By on February 25, 2011

Eye contact. It’s important. When you go out and you want to meet some pretty women, you can’t be staring at your buddies or having your head in  the ground all the time, ignoring the rest of your surroundings.

Even though you should be discrete about it, you should always know w hat’s going on around you. Check out your environment, look for the groups of girls or sets that are near you and scope out the chicks you’re interested in.

Only if you know what’s going on around you can you successfuly interact with those hot women.

Scope out your surroundings and make a plan. Strategy, logistics, they are very important aspects you want to take care of if you want to pick up women.

The next time you’re in a place with lots of women around you – for example the mall or some marketplace – don’t do your shopping with your head in the ground. Look around! Scope! Think about how you’d approach the different groups of people around you making use of the situation you’re in.

There’s no better feeling than locking eyes with a woman and going for it. Well there is. It’s the feeling you get after you made her yours.

If you got eye contact going for you (you find it easy to flirt with girls using direct eye contact with them) don’t waste it.

When you lock eyes with a woman you’d like to meet, don’t blow the opportunity by being a pussy and walking away from it!

Now that you’ve learned how to scope your surroundings and find women, it’s time you learn about how to approach women.

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