Conversation topics for the first date

By on July 22, 2011

Are you stuck with the idea of making your first date a moment worth remembering? What you need to make your first date extraordinary is a good choice of conversation topics. Instead of just asking “How are you?” which doesn’t require a long explanation (though this question is good for breaking the ice), below are 10 conversation topics that will help you have an unforgettable first date and get a girlfriend for a long period of time:

“I love your dress. Where did you buy it?”

Start with a compliment. Look at her carefully and see the beauty inside her. She has surely prepared for the day with something special. Compliment the way she looks, but instead of saying, “You look beautiful today,” you can compliment about her more specifically on her appearance. Asking about where she bought the dress she wears will give you hints to where she loves shopping and what kind of style she likes. Don’t compliment her on her boobs/legs/ass unless you wanna be funny and you’re sure you can pull it off.

“What do you like doing in your free time?”

This question gives you an idea about her hobbies and interests. Ask more details about them and you will know whether you have the same interests. If your interests happen to be the same as hers, you can continue the conversation smoother and easier. Once she says, “I love spending my time in the gym,” which you love doing in your free time anyway, you can next say, “That’s great! Want to go to the gym together someday?”

“What do you think of the movie Twilight?”

Even though you’re not a fan of Twilight, there’s nothing wrong with asking her about it. Ask things that you think women love. They can be about movies, books or television programs. Listen to her opinions about those things and ask some additional questions. Avoid being a passive listener. You need to respond to what she says. If you didn’t see the movie, you can say, “I haven’t seen it, though I heard about it before. Can you tell me what’s it about?”

“I heard you got an A in history class.”

This is another way of giving compliment. Women love it when you give her compliments on things they’re good at or things they’ve achieved. Ask the girl, “How did you become so good in history? Would you like to give me some tips?” But make sure not to act too stupid in front of her. Avoid saying, “I know nothing about history,” which will make her think that you don’t read enough or you’re just plain dumb. Women are attracted to smart, intelligent men.

“I remember you once told me you love dogs.”

Recalling past conversations indicates you paid attention to what she said. It will make her think that you really pay attention to her and have a genuine interest in her. However, remember that you are not allowed to ask about her past relationships (unless she does so too).

“Do you know what’s going on with John and Lucy?”

Talk about friends whom you both know. This topic will lead to you learning more about her, whether she’s a good friend, whether she pays attention to her surroundings, or whether likes to gossip.

“Do you have any brothers or sisters?”

This is a general question if you want to know about her family and whether she has a good relationship with her parents and siblings. You can add more questions like, “Do you hang out with your sister sometimes?” or “So, your sister and you like making fun of your little brother, eh?” Start telling about your family and past activities you did with them. Making fun of some embarrassing moments you experienced can also add some laughter to your first date.

“Where would you like to be in 10 years?”

Knowing about her future plans gives you hints about her career plans. If you want to make this relationship a serious one, you should know about her goals for the future. You surely don’t want to end up with a woman who doesn’t have plans for her life, do you?

“Did you see what happened in Japan? It was horrible.”

Asking about current events indicates that you are an up-to-date man with concerns about what is going on in the world nowadays. This will let the girl know that you are an intelligent and resourceful man. Give comments about the current events to indicate that you are a man with opinion. However, you shouldn’t ask her about politics… most women don’t have any interests in the topic (unless you know that she does). You surely don’t want to make her look stupid.

“Shall we go out again some time?”

It’s time for you to summarize what has been going on in your first date. Asking this question gives you a hint whether she’s interested in you or whether she prefers not seeing you again.

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