Sexual tension

By on October 15, 2012

Sexual tension fading away? Got stuck somewhere between meeting a girl and flirting with her?


Is the sexual tension a low lower than it used to be in the beginning with this girl you like? Are things are getting boring? You have her attention and you see that she is into you, but what next? How can you turn that girl into your girlfriend?

Well first, don’t let the sexual tension between you two go down! Keep it up, tease her, be playful with her, keep doing all those things. If those things have been working until now, why stop doing them?

Become even more desirable for her and eventually you will become the object of her dreams.


“You will become as large as your controlling desire; or as great as your dominant aspiration.” James Allen


If you keep your values up, your goals clear, she will ultimately chase you down and that will give you more power in a future relationship.sexual tension When women enter a relationship, they also seek qualities that lead to the accumulation of resources, like ambition, status, intelligence, age, health. She’s not in only for your good genes, she wants more!

All women want something, whether it’s excitement, adventure, stability, love, respect, you will need to find what SHE wants and can get from a relationship with you.

Eventually you need to stir up some deep feelings in her, because that is what will determine her to want you more than ever. So remember, sexual tension is your friend.

Listen to what she says to see how she thinks, observe what she does to know what she feels.


Don’t become needy over night!


Ok, so you had a few dates with this amazing girl, everything is going well, and you want to open up, to share your inner fears with her and so on. WHY?? After all the hard work, putting on your poker face and amaze her with your skills, you want to send her running as far as she can from you.

It’s fine to share some of your needs, but don’t get an inner sex change over night. She has girlfriends, and you want her to be your girlfriend not the other way around.

Finally, go out, keep up your game and everything will be great. An Alpha Male isn’t afraid of sexual tension and knows how create it, maintain it, and eventually turn it into more than tension 😉

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